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iPhone Glass Screen Protector - Is he Much better than Plastics?


iphone screen protector

For those who love their iPhones, which most householders with this device do! Ensuring its safety holds paramount importance. Protecting it which has a screen guard/protector is quintessential for the longevity and effective utilization of your iPhone. Plastic screen protectors are a great way to safeguard your phone from sticky fingertips, scratches, chips and the like. However, in terms of safeguarding the iPhone screen against cracks and breakage, the standard plastic covering simply wouldn't make the cut. You need a much tougher guardian - one that could protect your device's screen against all kinds of physical damage, impacts and cracks. This protector is 'Tempered Glass'. Let's check the glass are recommended over plastics for safeguarding your iPhone screen.

About Tempered Glass Screens Protectors
Because the name indicates, this screen protector saves your iPhone screen out of day wear and tear, which makes it look fresh and clean continuously. Tempered glass protects the touchscreen display from direct external damage and scratches. It's five times stronger than regular plastic screen guards. They're heat-resistant and definately will absorb maximum impact in case you drop your iPhone down, thereby protecting the screen from damage.

Tempered Glass vs Plastic Screen Guards

Toughness & Impermeability
Tempered glass are sturdier than their plastic counterparts. You will notice that plastic screen protectors (particularly the cheaper varieties) are highly susceptible to getting cloudy and scratched unlike tempered glass that may be retained much more time. The thickness of tempered glass with an iPhone is just about 0.3-0.5 mm even though the plastic screen protectors are about 0.1mm - the first sort being a tougher, more impermeable option for your phone.

Touch & feel
The best quality tempered glass will permit your fingers to slip conveniently on the watch's screen, supplying you with the design of the original touchscreen technology. Alternatively, plastic screen protection is slightly rough firstly, along with the friction is constantly increase as the covering undergoes regular usage and rough handling. Cloudy patches on plastic protection is perhaps the most common occurrence, specifically in places where the screen is most frequently touched.

Installation process
Individuals who have already experienced the plastic screen protector can relate with now - they'll discover how cumbersome it's to setup and keep. Removing air bubbles is way too exhausting! Alternatively, glass screen protectors can be found in full-adhesive or bezel-adhesive varieties and are pretty convenient to install. DIY too, is effective with glass.

Product Pricing
With respect to the quality and variant of iPhone (5,5s, 4s, 6 etc.) which you own, you can pay about $2 (for that lowest quality) till $35 (the most notable class variety) for screen protectors, whereas the plastic screen protectors are available at a price cover anything from $1 to $10. This high price in the iPhone glass could be because of the product quality material and technologies used in manufacture like Oleo phobic coating (to lessen fingerprints).

iphone screen protector

I hope this post convinces you that tempered glass is the perfect protector for the iPhone's screen in comparison with plastic coverings.

Post by iphonescreenprotector (2016-12-20 18:44)

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